My Story

I was lucky to be born skinny. Yes, and WAS is the word. I was one of those girls you love to hate, skinny, standing tall at 5' 9", ate more than anyone I knew, yet never had to diet a single day. I even modeled during the 1990s for bikinis, catwalks and magazines.

My early modeling photos when I was a skinny 48.5kg.

Fast forward to today. plus 24 years and 4 kids later, as with most parents, my health and eating habits took a backseat over career, family, business and wealth. Yes, I have become one of those ladies who will think twice about walking along the beach with those skinny bikinis. But trust me, everytime I look at another gorgeous lady in a bikini, she isn't the fittest or slimmest person around, but rather a confident woman enjoying her holidays by the beach. Really, who cares if you have a little extra meat sticking out or boobs that don't pop out like a Victoria Secret hottie? Whatever makes you happy should matter the most. And there is always a swimwear to enhance and hide when we need that little help.

I am Wendi, mother and entrepreneur of over 13 years. Even though I have created a successful service based business in Southeast Asia spanning over 4 countries, I decided to embark on a new journey of digital and online marketplace in early 2017. As our economy, habits and lifestyle has been changing dramatically over the last 3 years, I felt the constant need to upgrade, improve and relearn many aspects in today's new business environment.  

Me today plus at least 15kgs later. I wouldn't know since I have given up weighing myself a long time ago.

Prior to my current business I was a department store merchandiser. It makes me so happy to see others look good and feel better about themselves just by simply changing their outlook. To me, starting fiercesquared.com has come a full circle. I can now combine my expertise in beauty, grooming and fashion all in one! And I thank you for being part of this journey with me.

I hope you all love the swim suits and resort wear I have curated that not only cater to the supermodels of the world but also the everyday ladies like you and me, plus sized ladies included!

If there isn’t a suit or a cutting that you are looking for, drop me a line on our FB or IG and I would be happy to curate a selection specially for you.

There are no limits to our confidence except the limits set within our own mind. Go ahead, live yours fiercely!

Follow me on Instagram @pinkkittywendi. Looking forward to an exciting journey with each and everyone of you!